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-Development of artificial wave   surfing parks

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-Development of tropical surf resorts

Breaking News!!


Surf Magic has permits to build and run a resort in the BANYAKS! 


Surf Magic has acquired 6 ha of beach front land in the famous bayof plenty in the Banyaks (Pulau Banyaks), off of the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. We are now offering surfers and investors to get your own eco glamping bungalow set up on this land. Owning yur own bungalow you get free accomodtion during a few weeks a year and during the rest of the year we rent your bungalow out to guests and we share profits. So get shacked up in the Banyaks, get free accomodation for years and make money!


We are the only ones with permits in the Banyaks! Do not support illegal businesses in Indonesia. By supporting legal businesses funds go to conservtion of Pulau Banyaks and to the community of Pulau Banyaks through surf tax and ordinary taxes. When you book a place at an illegal business your money only goes to the people who run the business and to corrupt officials.


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