Surf Magic Banyaks

Get your own luxury glamping tent bungalow set up in the BANYAKS and earn money!




600 meters beach front land in the "Banyaks"

Own your own luxury eco bungalow!


Purchasing an entire surf resort in paradise can cost literally millions of dollars. But do you really need an entire resort? Why not just purchase and own one bungalow at a world class surf resort? 


Our solution:

-We provide land and permits

-You purchase a luxury glamping tent 

-We erect you tent bungalow on the land

-You now own you own bungalow

-We rent it out when you are not there

-You make money

5 world class waves in the bay area, and even more in the vicinity



There is an island group off of the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, which is called Pulau Banyaks. Literally this means 'island, many' (many Islands). Banyaks means many and Pulau means  island. In the southern most part of the Pulau Banyaks there is a bay hosting 5 world class waves just in that bay area and this bay has become known by the surfing community as the  "Banyaks". In this case the word Banyak refers to the unusual amount of waves, not  islands. The bay of plenty world class waves. Apart from the bay area, there are many great waves within reach like the famous righthander of  'treasure island' (Pulau Bangkuru) and a world class lefhander on the island Pulau Pinang just east of the Banyaks.

The only company with permits to run a resort in the Banyaks



Pulau Banyaks is a natural pristine paradise and is by Indonesian law protected and getting permits to build is very difficult and as of now, we are the only ones who have permits to build and run a resort in the Banyaks. This might supprise those who know of the Banyaks, as there are a few bungalow setups in the bay of Banyaks. Sure there are, but none of them have permits.  So these setups are simly illegal. Not uncommon at all in Indonesia as it is difficult to get proper permits but easy to corrupt officials. Do you really want to support illegal businesses?